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It provides data acquisition, analysis and visualization software services from edge perception and devices to the cloud, and provides a perfect platform development environment to assist customers to improve the development of business applications in vertical fields. Work with partners to create diversified industrial iot solutions.


Heavy equipment manufacturing
Energy Industry
Building Automation
Water Service
Mineral Industry
Petroleum & Chemical Industry
Motor Industry


  • Based On HTML5
    Unlike traditional configuration software, Cloud Configuration is based on standard HTML5 technology. No need to install plugins; accessible through modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, FireFox.
  • Mobile Access
    Provides a default mobile access interface. Supports access via mobile phones, mini-programs, lightweight applications, etc. Configuration screens can be embedded in public accounts or proprietary apps for integration.
  • Private Deployment
    Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that prefer private deployment but find the cost high. The standard version, streamlined by IoTopo, addresses the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises for quick cloud adoption. It offers standardized, general-purpose scenarios with simple, user-friendly, stable, and secure rapid delivery capabilities.
  • Visual Development
    Provides a graphic configuration editor based on HTML5. Quickly create configuration monitoring screens through drag-and-drop. Meets the graphic chart monitoring requirements of industrial scenes. The development tool includes a component library, chart library, and industry graphics library. Supports JS scripting language for complex business logic requirements.
  • Third-Party Integration
    Can publish and share configured screens, providing an independent access address. Allows access through password or public access. Can be embedded in user third-party platforms or websites.
  • Multi-Data Source Support
    Provides data source management; users can write SQL statements for data queries. Supports common relational databases MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, and time-series databases InfluxDB, IoTDB, TDengine.
  • MQTT Support
    Supports device data access based on MQTT protocol. Flexible support for publish and subscribe message modes, TLS encryption for data security and reliability.
  • Direct Device Connection
    Can communicate directly with PLCs, instruments, etc., without relying on IoT gateways. Supports multiple industrial protocols such as Modbus, OPC DA, OPC UA, and mainstream PLCs such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Delta.
  • Alarm Functionality
    Built-in alarm functionality in the platform. Users can define alarm rules for real-time analysis of device data. Triggers alarms when conditions are met. Supports customizable alarm levels, types, and various notification methods such as SMS, WeChat, and voice.